What Employers Say

“We have been pleasantly surprised by the changes we have seen in D***. Since attending the course his productivity has been excellent... He has a good future with this firm.”
D.M. (Wellington)

“ T*** obviously had a great start at the Polytechnic. He was productive from day one and I am about to send him on another course. If he carries on like this he will be a team leader within two years.”
A.C. (Invercargill)

“I have no shortage of unskilled and unqualified people arriving at my door asking for a job. Now I tell them to go and do the course, and if the tutors tell me they will be OK, I will give them a job.”
B.B. (Christchurch)

“I can’t afford the time and money it costs to train people on the job. After my first experience with a graduate, I would take another three graduates on today.”
D.S. (Invercargill)