“Having recently returned from the TPP/GTU study tour to Guilin China, I can say without a doubt that it was one of the most enlightening and educational things I have ever been involved in. Not only did I learn about Chinese customs, culture and tourism, this trip provided the opportunity to experience and understand first-hand the intricacies of this incredible country.

Before joining this trip, I had hoped that I would gain a greater ability to understand and empathise with our Chinese customers and staff members and, on reflection, this experience definitely delivered. In addition, it has also provided the foundation to look at the ways in which we, as a business, can refine our current Chinese product portfolio.

As the hosts, TPP did a great job. While being introduced to the Polytechnic’s extensive network of contacts in that market, it was unexpected to build some legitimate business leads. The itinerary, which had been pieced together after a considerable amount of thought, was very appropriate and was rolled out seamlessly.” 


Andrew Aitken, Sales Manager – North, Ngāi Tahu Tourism