Tai Poutini and CPIT collaboration

25 Sep 2013

Tai Poutini and CPIT collaboration If you're a student at Tai Poutini Polytechnic and looking for new ways to continue your studies, CPIT may offer the solutions you need. CPIT and Tai Poutini are working together to provide quality education pathways, both in Christchurch and on the West Coast. The doors are always open between Tai Poutini and CPIT, offering clear and easy transitions for students. For more information, a list of the available programmes and entry criteria please download the brochure.

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Voice of China at MAINZ

16 Jul 2013

Voice of China at MAINZ In mid-July, 10 Chinese singers living in New Zealand each recorded a song at MAINZ Auckland Campus as part of their audition for The Voice of China, a Chinese version of The Voice. As part of its international strategy MAINZ arranged with website Skykiwi to do free recordings in exchange for free advertising. Skykiwi.com is the largest Chinese website in New Zealand and aims to introduce New Zealand culture and lifestyles to the Chinese community. Skykiwi interviewed Harry Lyon, MAINZ Dean, and have now published the articles on their website: here[http://news.skykiwi.com/na/zh/2013-09-19/166995.shtml] and here[http://news.skykiwi.com/na/zh/2013-09-19/166995_2.shtml].

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