Top 10 reasons to study at MAINZ

So, you want a career in music? The Music and Audio Institute of New Zealand (MAINZ) is the best place to get started and make sure you reach your goals.


Top 10 reasons why

  1. MAINZ staff stars – you’ll learn from respected, well-known artists and professionals with a proven history of training up-and-coming NZ talent.
  2. MAINZ student stars – you’ve probably heard of some of our former students: Gin Wigmore, Joel Little and Kings, all started their careers with MAINZ.
  3. MAINZ set-up – we’ve got all the gear under one roof, creating a real-life studio environment where you can produce albums from start to finish.
  4. MAINZ location – our campuses in central Auckland and Christchurch put you in the heart of New Zealand’s cities where all the action is happening.
  5. MAINZ equipment – we know the music business is constantly evolving and we consider it part of the job to keep our finger on the pulse; we invest in the latest technology to keep our students up with the play.
  6. MAINZ contacts – getting in front of industry leaders will give you a foot in the door to your new career; MAINZ can help you meet and work with some of New Zealand’s biggest music business names.
  7. MAINZ study options – from foundation programmes, right through to degree-level study, there are a huge range of programmes on offer that can see you take your music training through to the top level.
  8. MAINZ networking – our students often call their MAINZ peers and colleagues their second family; you’ll make lifelong connections and friendships that support you as you start in your career.
  9. MAINZ opportunities – as well as learning in the classroom, our fantastic industry contacts mean you’ll have the chance to work on real gigs around different parts of the country.
  10. MAINZ innovations – we live and work in a changing world and our programmes are constantly reviewed to keep up with the times. Drawing from local and international contacts we’ll try new concepts and activities that bring a special edge to your learning.