Dr John Bassett

Programme Manager – Audio Degree

Dr John Bassett role is establishing and overseeing the roll-out of the Bachelor of Musical Arts and teaching in the areas of Music Technology, Research and Project Delivery.

Academic Profile

Dr Bassett is Programme Leader of the Bachelor of Musical Arts programme at the Music and Audio Institute of New Zealand. He was the Course Co-ordinator of the Masters in Music Studies (Creative Sound Production) at the Sydney Conservatorium. He has also held positions at The University of Sydney, The University of Technology, Sydney, The School of Audio Engineering (SAE) and The Australian Institute of Music.

He holds a PhD from the University of Sydney, Faculty of Architecture and Design Science. His primary discipline is Auditorium Acoustics.

Professional Outputs/Interests

He is a member of the Australian and American Acoustical societies and the Audio Engineering Society.

Creative Outputs/Interests

He has been involved in the multi-channel realisation of performance works and has previously worked as a live sound technician on a wide range of performances, both concert and theatre.

Publications (recent)       

Dr Bassett co-authored, "The measurement of directional stage support in a drama theatre: Quantifying the effect of set. (2010)" and "Using an ambisonic microphone for measurement of the diffuse state in a reverberant room.(2010)"