Tony McMaster

Head Live Sound

Tony’s been playing in bands and doing sound for about half a century, since the age of 13. He played bass guitar with Beam, Hello Sailor and Alistair Riddell in the 1970s, and then joined theatre troupe Red Mole, went to New York, and spent 10 years playing in The Drongos – and developing his live sound and audio skills.

Tony returned to New Zealand in 1989 where he played in bands, did sound and ran a home studio. He also helped set up Auckland’s ‘Music in Parks’ programme, and joined the polytechnic in 1997.

Tony finds it fun and satisfying to make an act look and sound great, and give audiences a wonderful experience to treasure. He also loves passing on skills and techniques to his students, and says there’s no better buzz for a tutor than helping someone get paid employment.

Outside of work he helps many community groups and charities with sound equipment for their gala days and school fairs, and says it’s always rewarding to help out with a good production.

Tony’s interests are sound, sound and more sound, cycling – he rides his bike to work every day and does trail riding with his wife – and gardening, fishing, swimming and reading.

  • DDI: (09) 308 7511
  • Campus: MAINZ Auckland