Louise Dando

Diploma in Information and Communications Technology

When she saw exactly the programme she was looking for was available at TPP, Louise Dando realised she didn’t have to leave the Coast to find high quality tertiary level education.

By doing a Diploma in Information and Communications Technology, Louise transformed ‘a bit of an interest in computers’ into the foundation for a rewarding career. ‘The programme teaches a very broad base of skills. It’s not only about computers, but also covers communication and business skills, and different technologies. It’s an excellent start.’ She describes her time at TPP as ‘probably the best two years of my life … it gave me heaps of experience and knowledge to take into my professional role.’

Louise particularly appreciated the focused and supportive learning environment she found at TPP. ‘We were a small group and developed really close ties. We were a really close-knit bunch – like a family.’ This dynamic also allowed lots of opportunities for one on one time with tutors. ‘They were available pretty much 24/7 and really made sure we understood what we were doing and learned everything we needed to get through.’

Now working as an engineering assistant at the West Coast Regional Council, Louise fondly remembers and endorses the TPP experience. ‘I’d 100% recommend it. It was the best decision I ever made to go to TPP.’