Sim Gower

attended the Land Blasting Course in 2012.  I am a self-employed earthmover and being able to apply the skills learned in this course makes life easier and gives my business wider options.  I found the course to be a life-changing experience.  I left school without any qualifications and this would be the major qualification I hold.

Getting back into the classroom after not being there for so long was hard work. However, the support and hands-on experience were great.

I really liked the course. The morning class time is best for the theory work. The serious hands-on out in the field in the afternoon was just right.

The hard work comes when you get home and do the assessments.  You need to work on these as a block of time.  It is almost impossible to pick it up and do a little here and there.  The manuals are the greatest resource and hold a huge quantity of useful information.  I carry the manuals all the time and refer to them often.

I didn’t pass the unit standards first off and this meant I had to redo some of the assessments.  This wasn’t a problem because it helped clarify things.  It was nice to  be able to phone the team and get help.

Assistance after the course was a big part of enabling me to get the licences I need.  To know that although the course is over and I’ve finished the assessments I can still contact the team if I need assistance.

I was really pleased to pass the National Certificate in Extractive Industries (Land Operations Using Explosives) which allowed me to get my Approved Handler Certificate and then my Controlled Substance Licence.  This lets me use explosives and makes my work easier.