Alexandre Champagnat (New Caledonia)

Course Attended: Contemporary Music Performance

Alexandre Champagnat always knew he would have to leave his home in New Caledonia in order to study music, the tough decision was whether to go to New Zealand or France.

In the end he decided on Tai Poutini Polytechnic’s MAINZ (Music Audio Institute of New Zealand) school in Auckland, and now in his third year of studying, the 20 year old has absolutely no regrets.

“It’s not like university where you get stressed, the teachers at MAINZ are really understanding, they’re a bit like friends really. It’s very professional but quite chilled, it’s a great learning environment,” he says.

“I love the hands on aspects of MAINZ, you get exposed to all parts of the industry, from music theory, to performance, engineering, the business of the industry, how to be in a band – it’s all great”.

Alex did two years of high school in New Zealand in order to meet the language requirements to study at TPP and MAINZ and has now graduated with a Diploma in Contemporary Music Performance. He is currently studying
for a Certificate in Audio Engineering.

He plans to be a session musician but is not quite ready to finish studying yet. He is about to audition to do a performance degree at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston – an accomplishment that would have been a lot harder if he hadn’t gone to MAINZ.