Bhargavi Patel

Course Attended: Contemporary Music Performance

Giving it her all

When your passion is music and your voice is your instrument, you have to be sure you’re on the best learning pathway in order to give it your all.

Bhargavi Patel was studying Western classical music at the KM Music Conservatory in Chennai, India, when she made the decision to continue her studies in New Zealand. After looking at different options, everything came together when she found out about MAINZ. ‘I’ve come from a classical music background, but my voice is more suited to contemporary music. MAINZ is the perfect place to nurture my skills.’

From classical to contemporary, Bhargavi has made a significant change in style, but her comprehensive knowledge of music theory has enabled her to make a smooth transition to a contemporary music performance pathway. ‘The tutors have been really good, really helpful. They’ve given me so much guidance.’

Bhargavi has quickly settled into the rhythm of life at MAINZ and is thriving. The mix of activities – including vocal classes, song writing techniques and composition, music industry and business studies, and performances – challenge and inspire her. In particular, she says one of the best things is working with other students and singing in a band, which is something she’s never done before.

MAINZ teaches great skills and offers valuable insight into the life of a professional musician. Bhargavi is looking forward to seeing how far she can go. ‘I’m building on skills I already have and learning so much more at MAINZ.’