Helen Collins

DJ / Producer

Course Attended: DJ and Electronic Music Production

When Helen Collins – aka DJ Banty – first saw a woman DJ mixing at a club she realised that was the career path she eventually wanted to take herself.

“I visited a bar in Lagos, Nigeria, in 2006 and saw a female DJ playing.  Up until then I had never realised there were female DJs out there and it triggered a desire in me to become one too.”

She moved to New Zealand in 2012 and started to do some “mostly bedroom DJing” around 2014, before finding out about the DJ and Electronic Music Production course at MAINZ that would help her to achieve her goal.  Since graduating in March 2017 she has been pursuing a career as a DJ/producer playing in clubs and at events around Auckland.

“I believe going to MAINZ was one of the best decisions I have made so far because it helped fulfil my dream to become a DJ.  Being able to make my own music and DJ in a professional atmosphere is just a dream come true and I’m looking forward to even greater opportunities in the future.”

Nigerian-born, DJ Banty says music is a big part of her culture.

“It’s the DNA that flows in the veins of all Nigerians.  I love hearing electronic and Afrobeat come together.”

She encourages other people contemplating a music career of any sort to follow their hearts and pursue their dreams.