Jone Drivationo (Fiji)

Certificate in Live Sound and Event Production

Course Attended: Live Sound and Event Production

As an international student from Fiji, Jone Drivationo found the idea of studying in New Zealand daunting. However he loved his year of study at MAINZ, was able to work part time while studying, and has now been offered a full time position In New Zealand when he graduates.

“I am very happy. I really loved MAINZ, the tutors and class members were really helpful and now I have a work contract I will be able to learn on the job,” he says.

Now 32 years old, Jone was already working as a live sound technician in Fiji but wanted to know the theory side of the business and get qualified. He studied for a Certificate in Live Sound and Event Production at MAINZ.

“A friend recommended MAINZ and it has been absolutely amazing, I have learnt heaps of stuff. As well as learning theory you do the practical side too and put it all together, I would really recommend the programme.”

Jone’s tutors were able to help him get a part-time contract with a multi-media events staging company while he was studying. The company was very pleased with his work and offered him a full time position when he graduates and will sponsor him to work in New Zealand.