Oscar ‘Funtwo’ Lim

Course Attended: Music and Audio - MAINZ

When Oscar ‘Funtwo’ Lim’s guitar rock interpretation of Pachelbel’s Canon was uploaded to YouTube millions of people discovered his music. Web stardom opened up many opportunities and inspired the largely self-taught guitarist to make music his career.

Oscar chose the Diploma in Contemporary Music Performance because he ‘wanted to learn essential skills, discover the fundamentals of the music industry and gain real world experience.’ It was an obvious choice. ‘MAINZ is where all the secrets are revealed.’

He rates interacting with other musicians, both students and tutors, being forced out of his comfort zone and participating in live performances as highlights of his MAINZ experience. ‘I’d recommend MAINZ to anyone who’s serious about a musical life. It’s a place where you discover your potential and it’s also a place where you find hidden strengths.’

Although Oscar no longer shies away from performing live, he’s currently focused on making his first album and building his online presence via the Funtwo website and YouTube. ‘My goal is to produce interesting videos to enhance the message of my music. I’m not only performing, I’m also in the process of making a series of video tutorials showing guitar playing tips and techniques.’