Sydney Heremaia

Course Attended: Contemporary Music Performance

Music has always been a big part of Sydney Heremaia’s life.

So, it was a logical step to progress from playing the guitar and singing with his whanau at parties to doing the Certificate in Contemporary Music at MAINZ and taking his passion to the next level.  It’s a decision the singer, songwriter, musician and stage show performer says ‘transformed’ him.

“Studying at MAINZ helped me discover who I am.  Yes, you learn the theory and practical aspects of performance but it’s delivered in a way that is safe and judgement free.  The tutors there treat you with such respect which really helped me flourish, not only as an artist, but as a person.”

There have been a lot of highlights in his performing career since completing the course in 2002, including working with Tina Cross, Jackie Clarke and Susan Lynch.  He has also been involved in some large company musicals, The Buddy Holly Show, Cabaret and Cats; and trained in acting and worked alongside Bryan Divers, Rob Pollock, Jan Fisher and Kelly Johnston.

Not bad for a boy who grew up in Otangarei, Whangarei – a suburb notorious for gangs, drugs and stray dogs.

“MAINZ provided me a strong foundation on theoretical knowledge and music performance techniques.  Transferrable skills that have helped in all performances, working with others and self-devised works.  I strongly recommend MAINZ to anyone who has a passion for music and the production of music.  You will be transformed.”

Sydney lives and works in Whangarei as a social worker, but does one or two musicals or theatre pieces a year and still writes and plays with other musicians doing the Northland circuit of bars and pubs.  He is also working on an originals album that will be released and available online in early 2018.