Teia Drysdale

Course Attended: Musical Arts Degree

I used to think studying music was like chasing a crazy dream, but after a year at MAINZ I know I’ve made the right choice for my future.

I grew up in a small town but knew from early on that music was important. From kapa haka to choir, jazz and rock, I wanted to try everything. My big break was winning the MAINZ Musicianship Scholarship at the 2015 Pasifica Beats competition and I’ve been studying for the Diploma in Musical Arts since then.

MAINZ has opened a new world of opportunity for me; not just through learning new techniques for song writing and performance, but in all the people and connections I am making. I really want to make it as an international artist and I think it’s important to learn about all aspects of the industry so I can give it my best shot.


I think the best part about this industry is the ability to connect with people. You can only ever make people feel how you feel yourself, so my end goal with my music is to always connect, even if it’s just one person in a crowd of a thousand. I’m planning on releasing an EP when I finish my first year at MAINZ and I’m hoping this will lead to a career in this great industry.