Jay Lim Funtwo (South Korea)

Course Attended: Contemporary Music Performance

Jay ‘Funtwo’ Lim chose Contemporary Music Performance at MAINZ because it offers the ‘complete package’ for aspiring musicians and performers.

A self-taught guitarist, Funtwo was looking for feedback when he uploaded a video to Korean music sharing website Mule in 2006. That first clip was a phenomenal success. Then the video was transferred to YouTube, Funtwo quickly reached a global audience of millions. See Funtwo perform on his YouTube channel (www.youtube.com/funtwohimself), or on his website (www.funtwo.us).

He admits he enjoyed the ‘self-produced, DIY musician’s life’, but realised he needed to learn more about music and the music industry to make it his career. Enter MAINZ. ‘The course work is inspiring and getting together with other musicians – both students and tutors – is a large part of the learning process.’

Funtwo is passionate about music and being at MAINZ has helped him realise that making great music will always be part of his life.