Greg Lee

Course Attended: Outdoor Education and Ski Patrol

Since high school I knew I wanted to work in the outdoors and TPP gave me just the skills I needed to make it a reality.

After completing my qualifications in 2012 I returned to the North Island and started working as a guide for Mohaka Rafting in Napier. I am still working as a rafting guide, as well as establishing my own business Napier Guided Walks with my partner Ashleigh. The ultimate aim is to have our own company working in the outdoors and over the 2015/2016 summer season we will start running some tours.

My time at TPP taught me everything I needed to get into the industry: a really broad range of skills to an extremely high level that opened up so many opportunities. Not only did you do the theory, you were actually out there doing it.  All of my classmates ended up working in the industry as well and I have never regretted choosing TPP as the place to do my tertiary studies.