Keegan Crawford

Course Attended: Trades

Keegan Crawford was a man with a plan. He knew what he wanted to do and worked out the best way to get there.

It all started with the West Coast Trades Academy, which – in partnership with TPP – offers senior students the opportunity to gain vocational skills while still at high school. ‘I thought it would be a good start for a building apprenticeship,’ says Keegan.

His WCTA experience cemented his ambition to become a builder. It also made him realise that doing TPP’s Certificate in Carpentry (Residential and Commercial) was the best way to forge ahead with his plan.

Keegan freely admits he wasn’t particularly academic and was ‘wasting time’ at school, but he quickly adapted to and succeeded in tertiary level study. ‘TPP offered a style of learning that really suited me. The tutors explained things clearly and made sure we understood everything that was going on and what they expected from us.’

According to Keegan, the biggest advantage to doing the carpentry programme was to get ‘all the theory work done and out of the way’ before getting into the industry.

Now an apprentice builder and loving it, Keegan’s career pathway began at TPP. ‘If you want to be a builder, I’d definitely recommend doing the carpentry programme at TPP. I don’t reckon there’s a better way to get into an apprenticeship or career.’

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