West Coast Community Meeting

Dear students,

Tai Poutini Polytechnic (TPP) met with West Coast mayors and other local community leaders yesterday to launch a series of discussions with the local community.

We are working to create a viable and sustainable model that ensures access to tertiary education and vocational training on the West Coast. This work will be rolled-out in a series of phases over coming months, starting with this first round of community meetings to talk about what’s going on right now and how the process will unfold.

We are eager to hear from groups and individuals across the West Coast community – including our students – as we work through this process. In the meantime, however, the meetings will have no direct impact on your studies. I encourage you to stay focused on your training and your career goals while we undertake our discussions with the community.

We will make information available to you via our website www.tpp.ac.nz/future and on Facebook www.fb.com/taipoutinipolytechnic