*The last date for entry to this qualification is 31/3/2018. If you were not already enrolled in this qualification by this date, you need to enrol with Skills https://skills.org.nz/careers-and-courses/trades/scaffolding/

The National Certificate in Advanced Scaffolding recognises the skills and knowledge required to work as a Specialist Scaffolder.

The term ‘advanced’ refers to the range of equipment used and the level of competence of the qualification holder.

Holders of the National Certificate with the Advanced Scaffolding strand are those whose work is in the planning and erection of ALL scaffolds to meet the highest demands found in the scaffolding industry. This is the highest level qualification available in this industry.

This is a 1-year programme delivered in block courses that will reflect industry skills & knowledge gained in the industry.

  • Level:
  • Credit Value:
  • Awards:
    National Certificate in Advanced Scaffolding
  • Location:
    Auckland and Christchurch
  • Method of Study:
    Block courses and workplace training
  • Dates:
    25 September 2017 Christchurch, 24 October 2017 Auckland
  • $2,008 (2017)

  • Domestic Breakdown
  •   Tuition Fee:
  •   NZQA Fee:

Core Elements

  • Theory instruction on legislative design and implementation of advanced scaffold concepts
  • Practical workshops for specialist scaffolds and team management
  • Practical assessments on advanced scaffolding tasks
  • Suspended Scaffolding Certificate
  • Cross crediting may be possible for certain overseas qualifications

Entry Criteria

Applicants must meet the following criteria:

Special Entry

  • Special Entry may be granted when evidence exists that the applicant can successfully complete the programme.
  • Cross crediting may be possible for certain overseas qualifications.


This is a Safety Sensitive Programme