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green growth

Green growth and travelism: letters from leaders, edited by G. Lipman et al. (2012). Oxford: Goodfellow Publishers.

This book looks at the tourism industry and how it can take its rightful leadership place in the transformation to the new green economy. It includes letters from leaders in significant frontline tourism organisations around the world. These explore the new geopolitical paradigm of social, economic, environment and climate challenges, as well as population driven resource challenges, which face the world today. 


responsibility for tourism

Goodwin, H. (2011). Taking responsibility for tourism: responsible tourism management. Oxford: Goodfellow Publishers.

Goodwin is one of the experts whose letters appear in the book above: he is Professor of Responsible Tourism Management at Leeds University. This book examines the globally vital necessity of realising sustainable tourism, examining issues around socially, economically, environmentally, and culturally responsible tourism, as well as conservation and ecotourism.


For Dummies series

We have recently acquired a number of titles in this series, which aims to provide straightforward and easy-to-read and understand advice on a huge range of topics. The following titles have been added.


Combs, J. & Hoddinot, B. (2011). Drawing for dummies. 2nd ed. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley.



Stearns, J., Surette, M., & Kaiser, J. (2015). Microbiology for dummies. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley.


A bunk for the night3

Barnett, S., Brown, R. & Spearpoint, G. (2016). A bunk for the night: a guide to New Zealand’s best backcountry huts. Nelson, N.Z.: Potton & Burton.

A guide to over 200 backcountry huts around New Zealand, most of which are available for public use. The book includes descriptions and the history of both very small and very large huts, and each hut description is accompanied by beautiful coloured photographs.


Mindfulness for life

Hassed, C. & Mckenzie, S. (2013). Mindfulness for life: techniques and applications [sound recording]. Wollombi, N.S.W.: Exisle Publishing.

This CD accompanies the authors’ book on mindfulness which the library also holds. They offer a guide to mastering the art of paying attention to what is going on in our lives, so that we can become more connected to our families, work more efficiently and stress less. Techniques include body scan and breathing, and going through the senses; applications include dealing with distraction, urge surfing, anxiety, sleep, depression, and pain. 


sherpa trouble on everest

Sherpa [video recording]: trouble on Everest. (2015). Australia: Universal Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.  1 DVD (92 mins.)

A documentary filmed during the calamitous Mt Everest climbing season of 2014 when 16 Sherpa guides were killed while moving across an ice-flow to aid Western climbers. This well-reviewed film exposes many truths about money, Nepal and the terrible price paid by the Sherpa people for the work they do on the mountain.


Pimp my site your DIY guide to SEO

Wynne, P. (2012). Pimp my site: your DIY guide to SEO, search marketing, social media and online PR. Chichester, UK: Capstone.

A useful book for those of us who want to market our band (or anything else), but are social media challenged.  Written in simple language that your grandmother could understand, this book covers everything from social networking to the meaning of SEO – Search engine optimisation.  Page ranking, video marketing and bounce rate will no longer hold any fear for you after reading this little gem.