Business (L6)

Fast-track your career in management and business with the NZ Diploma in Business or the NZIM Diploma in Management.

The NZIM Diploma in Management (Level 5) will give you a broad range of business management skills and knowledge essential for a wide range of employment situations. With a strong focus on communication and leadership skills, this qualification provides an excellent stepping stone to higher level positions or into the NZ Diploma in Business. 

The NZ Diploma in Business (Level 6) is designed for people wanting to up-skill in business and management. It includes practical commercial and business skills, including: marketing, economics, human resources management, law, communications and accounting. This qualification will give you a sound basis for management and business in any role; whether you aim to advance in your current position, set up your own small business, or work in an international corporation.

  • Level:
    5 and 6
  • Credit Value:
    20 credits per paper
  • Awards:
    New Zealand Diploma/NZIM Diploma
  • Location:
    Greymouth, Westport and Flexi
  • Method of Study:
    Full time or Part time
  • Holiday Duration:
    7 weeks
  • Teaching Duration:
    34 weeks
  • Total Duration:
    41 weeks
  • Start Date:
    Multiple intakes per year
  • From $720 to $750 per paper

  • Domestic Breakdown
  •   NZQA Fee:
  • International Fee (2018):

    Full fee breakdown click here

Core Elements

NZ Diploma in Business

For this qualification you must complete 12 papers, of which 6 must be from the following papers:

  • 500 Accounting Principles
  • 550 Business Computing
  • 560 Business Communications
  • 510 Introduction to Commercial Law
  • 520 Economic Environment
  • 530 Organisations and Management 
  • 541 Fundamentals of Marketing

NB: You must complete at least 80 credits (4 papers) at level 6 to be awarded the NZ Diploma in Business

Additional, optional papers for the NZ Diploma in Business offered at Tai Poutini Polytechnic are:

  • 501 Accounting Practice 
  • 635 Employment Relations
  • 633 Human Resources Management
  • 630 Leadership
  • 636 Applied Management 
  • 644 Buyer Behaviour
  • 631 Strategic Planning for a Small business
  • 435 Fundamentals of Small Business Management

Click here to view the NZQA course prescriptions for our NZ Diploma in Business papers.

NZIM Diploma in Management

For this qualification you must complete 6 papers, of which the following 4 are compulsory:

  • 560 Business Communications
  • 530 Organisation and Management
  • 630 Leadership
  • 636 Applied Management

Additional, optional papers for the NZIM Diploma in Management offered at Tai Poutini Polytechnic (2 required) are:

  • 500 Accounting Principles
  • 435 Fundamentals of Small Business Management
  • 550 Business Computing
  • 510 Introduction to Commercial Law
  • 520 Economic Environment
  • 541 Fundamentals of Marketing
  • 633 Human Resources Management


The following certificates are offered subject to required papers being offered.

TPP Certificate in Human Resource Management (Level 6)

  • 635 Employment Relations
  • 633 Human Resources Management

TPP Certificate in Marketing (Level 5)

  • 541 Fundamentals of Marketing
  • 644 Buyer Behaviour

Programme Structure and Workload

Papers are typically offered over 16 weeks. Formal classes are timetabled, with tutorial support available at other times during the week. Alternatively, block courses are offered over a six week period.


Time management is vital to succeed on this programme. Students need to spend an additional 10 hours per week per paper in their own time working on assignments/workbooks. Computing facilities are available to students at various times during the week. Six papers per year constitutes a full time workload.

Cross Credits

The New Zealand Diploma in Business regulations provide for the transfer of credits from other courses of study including the NZIM Certificate in Management and the NZIM Certificate in Small Business Management.

Career Opportunities

Careers in business are wide and varied. With a NZ Diploma in Business you could find employment in a wide range of industries in the business community. These could include positions in accounting, management, business, marketing, human resources, local body and government department management or self-employment. 

Entry Criteria

Applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Students who have completed New Zealand Certificate in Business (Administration and Technology) (Level 3) or evidence of relevant study/work experience.
  • Students will be interviewed prior to enrolling on this programme. This enables staff to counsel students on intended workload, and familiarise them with the programme content and facilities.
  • If the number of applicants is greater than the number of places on the programme, then applicants who meet the entry requirements are accepted in the order of submission.
  • Applicants whom English is a second language must meet IELTS5.5 with no band score lower than 5.0, or equivalent.

The NZIM Diploma in Management (Level 5) is only available to students who have already registered with IMNZ (previously NZIM).  Existing students need to successfully complete all required courses by November 2019 or arrange to transition to the new NZ Diploma in Business (Leadership and Management) Level 5. Please talk to programme staff to discuss your options.

The last date for entry onto the current NZ Diploma in Business (Level 6) is 31 December 2017, with the last date of assessment being December 2020. Current students will need to discuss options for completing the current qualification or transitioning to the new qualification with programme staff.