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About Civil and Mining 

Get on the fast track to a new career with Tai Poutini Polytechnic’s Civil and Mining programmes.

Employers across the country are lining up to take on TPP Digger School graduates – so whether you’re just starting out or want a career change, TPP offers plenty of options for your future.

More than just driving trucks and diggers, TPP Digger Schools set you up with all the practical experience, theory and industry contacts you’ll need to make it in these exciting and varied sectors. Once you set out in the industry, it’s up to you which path you decide to follow, from hands-on operations to management and even further study.

What’s the difference between Civil Construction and Civil, Quarrying and Mining programmes?

Civil Plant Operation is purely set up to train individuals for entry into the Civil Construction Industry. The Civil Construction, Quarrying and Mining programme has the same Civil Plant training but also offers training in Mining (surface extraction) and Quarrying. Enrolling in the CQM programme gives students a foot in both camps regarding choices for employment once graduated.

Get started at TPP now and go where the jobs are.

What are the job prospects like?  How much will you get paid?

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