• Level:
    1 and 2
  • Location:
  • Method of Study:
    Level 1 Part time, Monday and Wednesday 6pm - 8pm, Level 2 Part time, Tuesday and Thursday 6pm - 8pm
  • Start Date:
    Level 1: 5 March 2018, Level 2: 6 March 2018
  • End Date:
    Level 1: 11 April 2018, Level 2: 12 April 2018
  • Domestic Fee:
    Please see below
  • Level 1

  • $50

  • Domestic Breakdown
  • Level 2

  • $50

  • Domestic Breakdown

Programme One

Basic Mandarin

Mandarin Language

Learn how to speak basic Mandarin!

  • Systematic learning of Pinyin (Chinese Pronunciation system)

  • Basic Mandarin in daily life

 Learn how to write Mandarin

  • Elements of composing Chinese characters

  • Learn how to pen calligraphy

Chinese Culture

  • Learn stories of Chinese calligraphic characters

  • Learn Chinese traditional culture (traditional stories, festivals, customs, idioms and etiquette)

Chinese Customs Workshop

  • Learn dumpling making

  • Learn paper cutting

  • Learn a traditional tea ceremony

Programme Two

Second Level Mandarin

For students who have successfully completed the Basic Mandarin programme

Mandarin Langauge

Learn how to speak basic Mandarin!

  • Basic Mandarin in daily life

  • Words expressions and sentences used for specific occasions

    (shopping, cooking and travelling)

Learn how to write Mandarin

  • Study of hard pen calligraphy

  • Study of brush calligraphy

Chinese Culture

  • Study of traditional Chinese culture (stories, festivals, idioms and etiquette)

  • Be introduced to the current affairs of China

  • Learn paper cutting

  • Learn Chinese Knot

(Mandarin Language Assistant from the Confucius Institute)