Coordinated Incident Management System

This courseis for people whose role requires an operational knowledge of the Coordinated Incident Management System (CIMS) framework or some degree of coordination or leadership within a CIMS framework during an incident.  This is a stimulating course with a mix of theory and applied practical work. Students will learn how to relate CIMS principals as an active member of an incident management team dealing with simulated emergencies. The students will perform four of the management function roles throughout a series of scenario based exercises during which CIMS is applied to a range of small to medium scale emergency events. Students will be introduced to the legislation underlying current emergency management practice, the roles and powers of a civil defence controller and will learn and practice a range of skills such as verbal briefings and written Situation Reports. The course will assist participants to be more effective responders and communicators during emergency situations.

Emergency Operations Centre (EOC)

This new one day course is ideal for those working in an EOC, supporting the function managers. Information processing and display, briefing, tasking volunteers and the preparation of material for the media are all covered in depth during scenario based exercises. The course also covers personal preparedness, the different levels of coordination centres (CCs) and their activation, and looks at systems used in CCs.

Civil Defence Centre Functions (Welfare)

This course provides an introduction to the CDEM welfare framework and arrangements roles and responsibilities it covers the ‘what’ ‘who’ and ‘how to’ of operating in a CDEM welfare centre or temporary animal shelter.  Students will also have an introduction into dealing with people from different cultures.  Students will be placed in a scenario based situation on how to work as volunteers within an established Welfare Centre in an Emergency.  Emphasis is placed on team work and communicating with people from diverse backgrounds. This is an introduction course into CDEM welfare that is suitable for students who are interested in, or are part of, the emergency service field.

Welfare Supervisor

This fun course is a mix of practical and theory.  The course builds on learning from the Civil Defence Centre Functions (Welfare) course.  Students look in more detail at the agencies that may be involved in a civil defence centre and templated provided by the Ministry Of Civil Defence and Emergency Management to assist centre activities.  This course is often multi agency and is a great way for students to build relationships with other agencies and gain a greater understanding of each other’s roles and capacities.  This course is ideal for those who may respond to an emergency as part of an organisation and have supervisory role within a Civil Defence Centre. The Welfare course reflects the updates as per Welfare services in an Emergency issued by the Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management in 2015.


This is a Safety Sensitive Programme