Project House 2018

TPP’s student-built house to benefit community in Rotary partnershipBallot House landing page img

West Coast children will be the winners in a new partnership designed to give back to the local community.

This year’s class of construction students will build a full-size house to be auctioned through Rotary.  The project will be a fundraiser for the children’s wing in the new Greymouth Hospital.

Tai Poutini Polytechnic’s Head of Trades, Warren Smith, says that the new owner will be receiving a 120sqm, three-bedroom, two-bathroom home completed with excellent workmanship.

“Our NZ Certificate in Construction Trade Skills students construct a house each year, under the close guidance of Licenced Building Practitioner tutors.  The project provides practical experience for up to 20 students at any one time, covering off everything from reading the plans to working with the building inspectors. 

“The house is built from scratch and will have most of the detail complete, although there is room for the new owner to work with us on some of the finer details,” says Warren.

Chief Executive Alex Cabrera says that the polytechnic is geared towards meeting the needs of the its West Coast community.

“While we’re helping Coasters to gain a new skill or learn a trade, this project is a demonstration of how we can also use our resources to support the community,” he says.

Alex says that knowing that their hard work is for a good cause is a motivating factor for the students.

“For many of our young people today, there is a real desire to give back, and to look beyond themselves.  This year’s class of construction students has the opportunity to do just that, and it’s a challenge they are relishing.  They see it as a win – win; they are gaining valuable experience under experienced tutors and covering every aspect of house building, while working on a fundraiser that will ultimately benefit the most vulnerable members of their community.”

The house will be auctioned 30 October 2018 and completed later this year.

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