Student FAQs - MAINZ Transfer to SIT

10 January 2018

When will I get my student ID card?
Your SIT student ID card will be issued after the transfer of MAINZ from TPP to SIT on 31 January 2018.

When does the transfer take effect?
MAINZ will transfer to the Southern Institute of Technology on 31 January 2018.

Do I have to move to Invercargill?

Do I have to pay fees?
If this is your first year of tertiary study, the Government’s new fees-free policy may apply to you.  If this is not your first year of study, fees will apply. 

Do I need to notify Studylink that I will be studying with a different provider?
You need to ensure that you update your provider to the Southern Institute of Technology via your MyStudyLink account.

I have completed my Studylink application but my Verification of Study (VoS) has been returned as “unknown” by SIT.  Why is this?
Your VoS will be returned as “unknown” until the transition date of 31 January.  As long as you have fully completed your Studylink application, a confirmed VoS will be returned to Studylink after this date.