Changes prepare Polytechnic for the future of West Coast tertiary education 

1 August 2018 

Work to ensure the future of tertiary education on the West Coast has resulted in structural changes at Tai Poutini Polytechnic.

Staff were today informed of the confirmed changes, following a onemonth consultation period during which many ideas and suggestions were considered.

Chief Executive Alex Cabrera says it is essential for the organisation to find a new way of working that is sustainable and will ensure Coasters have access to tertiary education and vocational training.

“We have the support of Government to continue operations while we plan for a better future. With this funding comes the requirement that we address the financial and strategic challenges we face and prepare for a different future.

“The structural changes announced today will help the organisation run more smoothly, efficiently and costeffectively. This follows last year’s decision to centralise services and draws on staff input into a recent workforce analysis survey.

“A change proposal was released to staff for consultation last month and, as a result, I received a significant amount of useful, relevant and thoughtful feedback. I took time to carefully consider it all and, while I have not significantly changed the proposal, I have made several specific changes as a result.

“I would like to thank staff for their involvement in this process and their ongoing commitment to our students during what I know is a very challenging time. A number of staff have been impacted by the changes announced today and I am taking time to talk through this with them individually and look at possible redeployment opportunities. We will work through implementation of changes over coming weeks, including discussion of options for staff.

“Times of change are challenging, but we know we can not continue to work as we have in the past. Retaining access to quality tertiary education is important for the Coast and we’re working hard to achieve it. We have a plan for the future and we will keep working toward our goals,” Mr Cabrera says. 

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