Jade exhibition showcases student carving skills

8 November 2018

Budding West Coast jade carvers are putting their work on display at this year’s Tai Poutini Polytechnic Jade Exhibition.

Opening next Friday evening (16 November), the exhibition showcases the work of TPP’s Jade and Hardstone Carving students. Due to the temporary closure of the Left Bank Art Gallery, the exhibition will be held for the first time this year at the Westland Recreation Centre.

Artist Nikita Stevenson

(Artist: Nikita Stevenson)

Tutor Sheree Warren says visitors to the exhibition can expect to see a wide variety of work, mostly original pieces made from jade, hard stones, limestone, silver and wood, that the students have been working on throughout the year.

“This is always a great event for the community and it’s hugely important to our students. It’s their opportunity to showcase their work and introduce themselves to the industry and community as an emerging jade/stone carver.

“It’s their chance to shine and be proud of what they have accomplished throughout the year. It’s also a great way for them to meet senior carvers and industry representatives, build networks and create options for their professional future.

“We consider this an integral part of our programme as it’s all about preparing our students for success in the real world. Whether they go onto be employed by a large carving organisation or set up their own business, this is their first foray into their future career. Developing relationships with other carvers, learning how to display their work for sale and getting used to talking to clients and customers is all part of the training.”

Thanks also go to Left Bank Art Gallery volunteers who are supporting the exhibition with gallery staff in attendance.

The exhibition opening night will be held from 6.30pm on Friday 16 November 2018 at the Westland Recreation Centre. The exhibition then runs until 30 November 2018, from 6am‐9pm Monday to Friday and 7am‐7pm Saturday and Sunday. Visitors to the exhibition will have the opportunity to purchase work they are interested in.

TPP Chief Executive Alex Cabrera says he is looking forward to another successful exhibition of great work.

“Our students have worked hard all year and this exhibition is the culmination of all that learning and commitment. It is also a great opportunity for the Polytechnic to get involved with the wider community and show people a little of what we do here. I encourage everyone to head along to the exhibition and take a look at what’s on display.”

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