Business (Small Business)

The purpose of this qualification is to provide New Zealand with owner/operators who have improved capability to establish, operate, grow, and sustain a small business.

Graduates of this qualification will benefit New Zealand business entities by enhancing the viability, survival, and growth of the sector, and therefore by creating employment opportunities. Graduates of this qualification will be able to apply business skills and knowledge to manage a small business in a bi- and multi-cultural environment.

  • Level:
  • Credit Value:
  • Awards:
    New Zealand Certificate in Business (Small Business) (Level 4)

Core Elements

  • US1989 Research small business operations (Level 4) 5 credits
  • US1990 Assess small business ownership options and business structures (Level 4) 5 credits
  • US2927 Determine social, cultural and ethical responsibilities for marketing activities (Level 5) 7 credits 
  • US6404 Develop marketing options for small business operations (Level 4) 5 credits
  • US6406 Establish and maintain quality customer relations for a small business enterprise (Level 4) 5 credits
  • US6407 Establish human resource needs of the small business operation (Level 5) 5 credits
  • US6408 Determine profit projections for an entity (Level 4) 5 credits
  • S6747 Explain the role of information technology in business (Level 5) 4 credits
  • US11611  Perform the accounting functions for accounts payable (Level 4) 4 credits
  • US16612  Write documents to achieve effective communication for a business purpose Level 4 (4 credits) 
  • US19025 Demonstrate knowledge of quality assurance in a business operation (Level 4) 7 credits
  • US17601  Produce an occupational health and safety incident investigation (Level 4) 6 credits

Further Study Paths

NZ Diploma in Business (with strand in Leadership and Management, Administration and Technology or Project Management) (Level 5)

Career Opportunities

Graduates of this qualification will have the skills and knowledge to start, operate, and grow a small business in New Zealand.

Entry Criteria

Applicants under 20 years

Applicants should be a minimum of 16 years of age, and have attained NCEA Level 2: 60 credits at Level 2 or above, plus 20 credits from any level, and Level 1 Literacy and

Numeracy requirements:

Literacy - 10 credits at Level 1 or above, made up of:

  • specified assessment standards - available through a range of subjects and English for Academic Purposes unit standards 22750 and 22751 (minimum total of 10 credits), or
  • package of three literacy unit standards (26622, 26624, 26625 - all three required), and

Numeracy - 10 credits at Level 1 or above, made up of:

  • specified achievement standards through a range of subjects, or
  • package of three numeracy unit standards (26623, 26626, 26627 - all three required)

Applicants over 20 years

Applicants over the age of 20 years at time of enrolment will be considered where they can demonstrate the ability to succeed in a programme. Examples of demonstration of ability to succeed are the provision of evidence of successful completion of a programme of study at level 3 or above in a related discipline and/or employment in the related sector for one or more years. Personal commitment and a belief in one's own ability to succeed are important personal traits and will always be taken into consideration during the selection process.

Language Requirements

Applicants from countries with an annual student visa approval rate of at least 80 per cent, whose first language is not English, or who come from a country where the language of instruction in schools is not English, are required to provide evidence of having passed an NZQA approved English Proficiency Assessment, or achieved the required score in one of the following internationally recognised English Proficiency tests within the preceding two years:

  • IELTS test - Academic score of 5.5 with no band score lower than 5
  • TOEFL Paper based test (pBT) - Score of 530 (with an essay score 4.5 TWE)
  • TOEFL Internet- based test (iBT) - Score of 46 (with a writing score of 20)
  • University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations - FCE, or FCE for schools, with a score of 162. No less than 154 for each skill. OET at Grade C in all sub-tests
  • NZCEL - Level 3 with an endorsement of either General, Workplace, or Academic
  • Pearson Test of English (Academic) - PToE (Academic score of 42)
  • City and Guilds IESOL - B2 Communicator with a score of 42

Applicants from countries with an annual student visa approval rate below 80 per cent, whose first language is not English, or who come from a country where the language of instruction in schools is not English must provide evidence that they:

  1. Have gained NCEA Level 3 and met New Zealand University Entrance requirements or
  2. Hold a bachelor's degree of at least 3 years from New Zealand, Australia, Canada, The Republic of Ireland, South Africa, United Kingdom or United States of America or
  3. Have achieved a Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults, CELTA or
  4. Have achieved one of the English Language competence tests (specified above) within the preceding two years.