Passenger Endorsement (Level 3)

You will need a Passenger or 'P' endorsement if you drive a small or large passenger service vehicle for hire or reward e.g. Buses, Vans.

To gain a P Endorsement you must hold, and have held for at least 2 years a full New Zealand Class 1 drivers licence. Depending on the size of the vehicle you may also require a Class 2 Licence. A small passenger service vehicle has a maximum of 12 seats. A large passenger service vehicle has more than 12 seats. Your application will be sent to NZTA for a fit and proper person check prior to the course.

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    West Coast
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Core elements

This course will require two full days in the class room. You will complete the following two unit standards which will be added to your record of learning. 

  • NZQA unit standard 24089 fatigue management, work time and drivers logbook requirements. 
  • NZQA unit standard17579 demonstrate knowledge of driver licensing requirements for P endorsement.

These are both closed book assessments. If you have been assessed competent in unit standards 24089 fatigue management, work time and drivers logbook requirements in the last 12 months you are only required to attend on the day of the Passenger endorsement course.

The practical assessment for this licence endorsement must be completed with an NZTA testing officer. 

For more information from the New Zealand Transport Agency check this link.

Special notes

  • If your Fatigue and log book qualification is older than 12 months your will be required to show competence in this area by completing an assessment or scenario


This is a Safety Sensitive Programme