Asbestos Training

From 4th April 2016, A PCBU must ensure that workers carrying out asbestos-related work or unlicensed asbestos removal work are trained in the identification and safe handling of, and suitable control measures for, asbestos and asbestos-containing material. This can be delivered through in-house training or instruction. 

There are different training requirements for Class A and Class B and supervisors.  There is also assessor training required for anyone that wishes to do in-house training.

*All prices include GST and NZQA charges.
*A 10% discount is available to all NZDAA members with membership number quoted at time of enrolment.

TPP is currently developing courses for the following:

  • Unit standard 2138 – Asbestos Awareness course. Level 2, 1 credit. This is a basic awareness course. No experience required.
  • Unit standard 29765 – Class B, Remove non-friable asbestos. Level 4, 3 credits.  This is the mandatory training for all Class B licences.
  • Unit standard 29766 – Class A, Remove friable asbestos. Level 4, 4 credits. This is the mandatory training for Class A licences.
  • Unit standard 29767 – Supervise asbestos removal. Level 5, 2 credits. This is the mandatory training for supervisors.

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