*This programme is under review and is subject to change for 2020.

Explore your art and turn your jade and stone carving ability into a career in the real world with TPP’s New Zealand Diploma in Arts and Design (Level 5). You will develop and expand your skills while living on the majestic West Coast – New Zealand’s home of pounamu – drawing inspiration from your surrounding environment.

In 2020, TPP is introducing the Level 5 NZ Diploma in Arts and Design – the programme offers all the same technical, artistic and commercial training that TPP is known for, under a national framework. It aims to further develop the stone carving and sculpture skills of students, at the same time as preparing them for the business of being a professional carver of jade, rock or other stone.

Graduates have mastered the ability to apply technical skills to their chosen design and art endeavours; they will be prepared for self-employment, employment in industry and/or higher-level study and personal exploration. Graduates will produce unique creative works of art for exhibition or commission, completing various design and carving projects based given or agreed briefs. The NZ Diploma aims to help you develop the creative design process and enhance your artistic interpretation of jade and hard stone carving.

  • Level:
  • Credit Value:
  • Awards:
    NZ Diploma in Arts and Design (Level 5)
  • Location:
  • Method of Study:
    Full time
  • Holiday Duration:
    6 weeks
  • Teaching Duration:
    34 weeks
  • Total Duration:
    40 weeks
  • Start Date:
    February 2020
  • End Date:
    November 2020


The qualification provides a pathway from:

  • New Zealand Certificate in Digital Media and Design (Level 4)
  • New Zealand Certificate in Arts and Design (Level 4)
  • New Zealand Certificate in Creativity (Level 4)

Graduates of this qualification may wish to undertake further tertiary study at diploma or degree level in areas including the following:

  • New Zealand Diploma in Arts and Design (Level 6)
  • New Zealand Diploma in Creativity (Level 6)


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