The Civil Defence Centre Functions (Welfare) course provides an introduction to the CDEM welfare framework and arrangements, roles and responsibilities. It covers the “what”, “who” and “how to” of operating in a CDEM welfare centre or temporary animal shelter. Students will also have an introduction into dealing with people from different cultures.

Students will be placed in a scenario based situation on how to work as volunteers within an established Welfare Centre in an emergency. Emphasis is placed on team work and communicating with people from diverse backgrounds.

This is an introduction course into CDEM Welfare that is suitable for students who are interested in, or are part of, the emergency service field.

  • Level:
  • Credit Value:
  • Location:
  • Total Duration:
    1 day, 9am - 5pm
  • Dates:
    Multiple intakes
  • Price on application. Funded for Civil Defence Volunteers.

Unit Standards

  • US7336 - Demonstrate knowledge of welfare centre functions during an emergency. Level 2, 3 credits
  • US3483 - Fill in a form. Level 1, 2 credits
  • US1304 - Communicate with people from other cultures. Level 3, 2 credits