This course is an introduction to the use of Coordinated Incident Management System  (CIMS 2) in an emergency response. It will enable participants to describe:

  • the roles and principles of CIMS 2
  • the functions, structure, and terms used in the CIMS 2 framework
  • basic CIMS documentation

The course covers CIMS 2 terminology, the 4Rs, CIMS 2 Principles, Response levels, Incident Management Team functions, concepts of Control and Command and designated CIMS2 Facilities needed at a response.

The CIMS 2 one day block course is suitable for those who need an introduction and overview of CIMS. The course is particularly appropriate for all of those involved in emergency management at a response level, including field team members and leaders. It would also be a useful introduction to CIMS for those working in a support role in an Incident Coordination Centre. The one day block course provides opportunity for face-to-face learning and inter-agency networking. 

  • Level:
  • Credit Value:
  • Location:
  • Total Duration:
    1 day, 8.30am - 5pm (approx)
  • Dates:
    Multiple intakes
  • Price on application. Funded for Civil Defence Volunteers.

Programme Structure and Workload

This course is available either online, or as a one day face-to-face classroom based course.

The CIMS2 one day block course is suitable for those who need an introduction and overview of CIMS. The course is particularly appropriate for all those involved in emergency management at a response level, including field team members and leaders. It would also be a useful introduction to CIMS for those working in a support role in a coordination centre. The one day block course provides opportunity for face-to-face learning and inter-agency networking.

Further Study Pathways

CIMS2 online is suitable for those who intend to do the three day CIMS4 block course. CIMS2 is the prerequisite for CIMS4.

Unit Standards

  • US17279 - Demonstrate knowledge of the Coordinated Incident Management System. Level 2, 2 credits